Dunstan Baby Language

Sleep deprived parents, endless hours in the rocking chair trying to soothe an inconsolably crying newborn - all this could be a thing of the past. Priscilla Dunstan has decoded the meaning behind your baby's sounds - the Dunstan Baby Language.

So grab a few friends (or dads!) and contact me to set up a meeting!

Why are you crying, baby?

You wish babies could tell us what's wrong? They do!

In the first few months, distinct pre-crying sounds correspond to reflexes that communicate five primary needs. Why feed them when grandma's wool socks are scratching? Why change the diaper when they actually need to burp? Your baby will cry less and settle faster as you learn to respond to their biological needs.

As a linguist, language teacher, and mommy, I was fascinated by the Dunstan sounds. During a 3-hour workshop, you will learn how to recognize the five sounds and you will be introduced to effective settling techniques.

Understanding the Dunstan Baby Language empowers both mothers and fathers and will give you confidence in your parenting skills.

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